Vintage fabric + vintage sewing pattern = a new blouse

I’m what you’d call a sewing and craft hoarder. I keep everything. I find that as long as I stay very organized, it will eventually get used. That’s what I tell myself and my husband anyway. Case in point, is this project.

vintage sewing pattern

I bought the fabric about 7 years ago at a fabric store that was going out of business in Moscow, ID. They had tons of vintage fabric for $1/yard and I am so mad at myself for not buying more. I did buy the below five fabrics though, and have made a garment out of all of them except the one with the feather print.

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How to Make Easy DIY Envelopes

I actually made these paper envelopes to send our wedding invitations in. It was a combination of not wanting to buy the envelopes when I already had the paper, and wanting to use something colorful and fun. Plus there’s nothing better than crafting while drinking a glass of wine and watching a chick flick. AmIrightoramIright? Oh, and the total cost per envelope was 5¢. Which means I made 100 of them for $5.00. Five dollars! Nothing you need for a wedding costs five dollars! If you’re down to spend the time, this is a definite cost savings.

diy envelopes

Skill level: This project requires no skill whatsoever. No, really. If you can cut paper and use double sided tape you’ll have professional looking decorative envelopes in no time.
Time commitment estimate: It depends on how many you want to make. Keep in mind that once you’ve done a few, they’ll start to move much faster.

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The biggest owl quilt you’ll ever see

I made this owl quilt for a friend’s new baby. It took a long time. A really long time. But it was so rewarding in the end because it was literally like nothing I’d ever made, and I’d like to think their family will have it forever. It wasn’t difficult, it was just a lot of steps and required a lot of time. It’s probably the easiest quilt pattern out there because you don’t have to bind the edges at the end, which makes it a unique take on how to make a quilt.

owl quilt

Skill level: This sewing project would be good for beginning to intermediate sewers.
Time commitment estimate: I honestly didn’t even keep track. Plan to really take your time and spread it out over a few weekends. There are a lot of steps and it’s easy to want to rush it.

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DIY Quiet Baby Book

I made this quiet texture book for my baby nephew after visiting with him and discovering how absolutely into textures he is. Touching, feeling, tasting – it was amazing to watch his little brain work overtime with every new texture he experienced. He was about 7 months old when I gave this to him, and if I was more on top of it I would have made it about 8 weeks sooner so he could have gotten more use out of it. I think this would be a perfect new baby gift to make someone because then the parents could decide when their baby would be interested in a quiet book, and could give it to them as early as possible.

texture book

Skill level: This sewing project would be good for beginning to intermediate sewers, depending on how elaborate you get with the pages.
Time commitment estimate: 3+ hours depending on experience and how fancy you get with the pages.

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