Handmade hooded sweatshirt with felt appliqué

I can never turn down free fabric. Ever. It can mean I have fabric hanging out for years, but more often than not, I eventually find a way to use it. I got this fleece fabric for free a few weeks ago and knew I’d need to make something small with it since both pieces were only about 1 yard long. Another week later and I came across a hooded sweatshirt sewing pattern for toddlers that I had bought at Value Village a few years ago, and knew it was meant to be.

diy sweatshirts and felt appliqués

Skill level: This sewing project would be good for intermediate sewers.
Time commitment estimate: A few hours for each hooded sweatshirt, depending on skill level and how advanced your appliqué is.

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Quilted owl wall hanging

You may remember this giant owl quilt I posted about a couple of weeks ago that I had made for a friend’s baby? Well after I made it, I was showing pictures to someone at work and they asked if I would make them a mini-version to use as a wall hanging for a baby’s room. My initial reaction was to say (aw hell) no because I didn’t even know where to start with something like that, but then I just decided to wing it. I mean who doesn’t love a good challenge every so often?

quilted owl wall hanging

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Easy DIY Burp Cloths

These burp cloths could not be easier. I’ve made dozens of sets and always get told how much the parents like using them. They’re big, they’re absorbent and they’re colorful. What’s not to love?

burp cloths


Skill level: This sewing project would be good for beginning sewers.
Time commitment estimate: Probably a couple of hours for a set, depending on skill level.

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DIY Bench Seat Cushions and Covers

Instead of paying someone a few hundred dollars, I decided to make my own bench seat cushions and covers. No joke, it took me 24 full hours and I know now why people pay other people to do this stuff. But I saved a bunch of money and it’s been long enough now that I might even consider doing it again. Maybe.

diy bench seat cushion covers


Skill level: This sewing project would be good for intermediate sewers.
Time commitment estimate: Lots. If you’re considering doing something like this yourself, it’s not difficult. Just be prepared for the time required to complete them.

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