Sewing and craft room re-vamp

I have a lot of sewing and craft supplies. Not a hoarder-status amount, but definitely a lot. It’s all fairly organized, but I know I could seriously improve the accessibility of everything. I probably don’t know I have some of the things I have because it’s been so long since I’ve used certain items. While the overall improvement of the sewing and craft room is a work in progress, the place I knew I wanted to start was with my sewing patterns.

sewing patterns

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Fall Poncho

I love this poncho. I love that it’s oversized and warm, I love the fabric, and I love that nobody could tell I made it. When I wore it to work last week someone asked me if it was Pendleton. I died.


Skill level: This poncho sewing project would be good for intermediate sewers.
Time commitment estimate: A few hours, depending on skill level.

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DIY Wedding on a Budget

My husband and I got married a few years ago and paid 1/3 of what the experts say is the average cost of a wedding in Seattle. It was a ton of work since it required a lot of time up front to accomplish the DIY portion of things, plus the time required to research options we could afford – but it was so worth it.

Here are some tricks and tips I have to offer someone who wants to have a very budgeted and DIY wedding.

wedding budget

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