A shamrock garland for St. Patrick’s Day

You may remember my fall leaf garland from a few months ago. Since it was so fun and easy, I decided to do the same concept for a St. Patrick’s Day shamrock garland.

What you’ll need:
Hot glue gun
Ribbon or twine

Step 1: Download and print off the shamrock PDF template I created. I only used the 4 leaf clover for my garland, but I drew a three leaf clover for the template too.

Step 2: Cut out as many shamrocks as you’d like. I cut out two at a time, and keep them from moving around while I’m cutting them out by either stapling or using pins.

Step 3: Place your shamrocks on your ribbon or twine to get the feel of the layout and spacing.

Step 4: Then glue the shamrocks to your twine or ribbon and let the glue dry completely before moving.

That’s it!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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