A tiny Frozen Shirt

For my favorite muses’ 4th birthday, I had them pick out their own sewing pattern and fabric for me to make them a one-of-a-kind gift.

They had about 10 patterns from my stash to choose from and both decided on the same shirt (See & Sew B6307). Then their mom and I took them to Joann Fabrics and they got to pick out their own fabric for me to use.

We tried so hard to talk the one who chose this Frozen fabric out of it. We were like, look at these cats! And these fairies! And these hundreds of other things on fabric! But she was adamant that she wanted this particular Frozen fabric with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on it (similar to this one I found online). Wear what you dig though, am I right? It actually turned out cuter than I expected considering how commercialized it is.

After I had cut both shirts out, and sewn this one up most of the way, it started to look really short. The finished length was only 1/2″ shorter than the shirt length that fits them right now, but it just looked short and squatty to me. So I added a self-fabric band at the bottom and really ended up liking how it turned out.

About this pattern: I think it’s interesting that it’s called out as being “easy”. It’s more like, “here’s a way to practice lots of things in one shirt”. To have a bias tape binding, an encased elastic sleeve opening and a thread button loop seems like a lot. It probably doesn’t help that I hate using bias tape as a binding. I would so much rather use a facing, but don’t necessarily want to put in the effort to create a pattern piece. (I ended up creating one for this dress and was so glad I did.) I would use the pattern again, I just don’t think it’s as easy as they claim it is.

Shirt #2 to follow next week!


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