DIY Troll Headbands

My friend Elisa is an actress in NYC. Upon moving there from Seattle over 10 years ago, she would make ends meet by babysitting and nannying for tons of kids in the area (some of whom she passed on to me to babysit for when I lived there!). Those two passions of hers, acting and teaching young children, evolved into founding an amazing company in NYC called Treasure Trunk Theatre. They have acting classes, birthday parties and camps for kids, where the kids go to the treasure trunk at the beginning of the class and then come up with a skit or act things out based on what they found inside. Such a brilliant idea, right?

For a while now I’ve wanted to contribute to her classes by making something that the kids might find inspiration in for one of their treasure trunk adventures. Since I knew I had to make 12 of them, I wanted to make something that was similar but also totally different from one another. Fast forward a few months spent looking up tons of ideas on Pinterest when it occurred to me that I should probably make some Troll headbands. They’re all similar, being Trolls, but are also completely different. It was a fun project, and so easy if you want to make them yourself.  Mine are based on some of the characters from the new Trolls movie (Grandma, Biggie, Branch, King Peppy, Fuzzbert, Bridget, Harper, Smidge, Poppy, Creek and DJ Suki as seen below), but are still generic enough that they could just be regular old trolls. I think they would be so fun for a Troll-themed birthday party. You could also buy some already made from this adorable Etsy shop I found.

Check out my DIY tutorial below.

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A pot of gold for St. Patrick’s day

I love St. Patrick’s Day. I hate actually being out the night of because the drunk dummies freak me out, but I love everything else about it. When I was young, the leprechauns would turn our milk green and leave cupcakes at the back door in the morning. It was always such a fun thing to wake up to. This weekend my best friend, her husband and their 3-year-old twins will be staying with us for St. Patrick’s Day, so I wanted to make sure and have the leprechauns come to our house this year.

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