Make your own cheese!

You guys. I made my own Ricotta this week. I’m still in disbelief myself, but let me be the first to tell you just how incredibly easy it was. When my husband and I were at Urban Craft Uprising before the holidays during our annual Christmas gift haul, my husband and I got our sister-in-law this DIY cheese kit for Christmas. I’m sure you can only imagine my excitement when I got the same kit for my birthday recently and was able to give it a whirl myself.

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DIY Baby Swing

My husband and I made this swing for our nephew last summer. It takes some time, but with the right tools, it’s very easy to make. We got the idea from this blog post, and if you want to make one yourself I would definitely recommend using the instructions they provide. They have a great step-by-step tutorial with images included. We changed a couple of things on the swing we made, which I’ll go over below.

Disclaimer: As Ryan also says in his blog post, we take no responsibility if you decide to construct a baby swing according to this blog post or the one we got the idea from. It is up to you to ensure the swing is hung properly and knots are tied well. Only you can be responsible for your child’s safety, so please be careful and proceed with caution.

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