My favorite sewing items and supplies

Here’s my review of what I think are the best sewing items and supplies. Basically, which ones I use most often. There is obviously¬†an endless amount of brands and price points for each, but these are just the ones I happen to use and like enough to pass along to someone else. I mostly shop at Joann’s to take advantage of the coupons, but I definitely love the convenience of having something delivered for free from Amazon. ¬†(Links below are mostly to Amazon. Let me know if you have any questions before you buy!)

favorite sewing supplies

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What’s a serger, and should I buy one?

I remember when I found out what serger was. I was 19, and I was shocked that it took me so long to pay attention to how my t-shirts were sewn together. So if you don’t know what a serger is, you’re definitely not alone. If you’re wearing a t-shirt right now, the interior side seams were sewn together with a serger. If you’re wearing jeans right now, the interior inseams were sewn together with a serger. You can tell because the two pieces of fabric are bound together with multiple threads. A serger is also called an overlock machine, and most of them cut the excess fabric edge as the two pieces are sewn together.


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