DIY Embroidery Floss Bangle

You guys, I’m throwing this DIY post back to 2011. I’ve been a fan and reader of What I Wore since 2009 when Jessica and I both lived in NYC at the same time. I very specifically remember watching Friends re-runs while following her tutorial to make this bangle and thought I’d share the photos I recently came across.

  • What you’ll need:
    – 4 or so colors of embroidery floss, depending on your pattern
    – 3 skeins of black embroidery floss
    – Black electrical tape
    – 1 bangle
    – 1 sewing needle

Because of my borderline obsession with friendship bracelets as a kid, I had lots of embroidery floss to choose from when making this bangle. I did have to buy the bangle, but I think I found it at the dollar store. (If Amazon Prime had been a thing back then you better believe that’s where I would have bought it from. Because, laziness.)

I would recommend following Jessica’s tutorial I linked to above. But here are some thoughts and photos from the one I made.

  • Step 1: Wrap your entire bangle in electrical tape.

  • Step 2: Tape your floss colors down so they are the width of the bangle. For mine, I went with 4 floss strands of each of the 5 colors.

  • Step 3: Wrap your black thread around a few times horizontally to cover part of the electrical tape that’s on top of the floss and tape at the underside of the bracelet. I don’t actually have a photo of this step because I had no idea I’d be writing a blog post tutorial on it 6 years later. But that’s what Jessica’s comprehensive tutorial is for.
  • Step 4: Wrap your black thread around and around, alternating which colors you cover and leave exposed. I used 3 strands of black thread at a time to create the pattern below.

  • Step 5: To finish it off, cut the black floss to about 6″, and use a needle to weave the ends of it in and out of the underside of the bracelet until there is none left. You could tape the underside off first and then cover with the black floss as well.

Ta da! I do love a cheap and easy craft project that can be done while watching tv or focusing on a podcast.


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