DIY Troll Headbands – Part 2

I got so much interest and questions about my DIY Troll Headbands post from a couple of months ago that I thought I’d make some more troll headbands to share. For my first attempt in April, I made headbands to match the characters from the Trolls movie (Branch, Biggie, Fuzzbert, Harper, etc.).

For this set of 8 troll headbands, I started with the actual headband colors I had left since they were pretty random, and then went from there. I still had all the tulle colors left from last time though so I knew I could do any tulle color combo I wanted for the “hair”. I made this for a 4-year-old’s birthday party (that will be in the PNW, as you can tell by my sports teams choices) where there will be boys and girls, so I wanted to make sure I had a variety of color combos.

What you’ll need:

  • Tulle – I bought this 10 pack from Amazon and it worked out really well. Since the tulle is already pretty narrow and on a roll, it made it much easier to work with than if I was using tulle cut by the yard.
  • Headbands – I bought the 20 piece version of this 12 pack from Amazon and the color options worked out really well for both projects.
  • Scissors

Headband #1: Fire Queen Troll

Headband #2: Ice King Troll

Headband #3: Pretty in Pink Troll

Headband #4: Pride Troll (Happy Pride Month!)

Headband #5: Seahawks Troll

Headband #6: Blazers Troll

Headband #7: David Bowie Troll

Headband #8: Athletic Shoe Troll (I couldn’t think of anything else that’s light blue and neon yellow)

If you want to make these yourself, they seriously could not be easier. Instructions are below, or check out my previous post here.

Step 1: For each troll headband, you need 20 stripes of tulle that are 2″ x 24″ long. If you have the same 6″ wide rolls I have, I just unrolled and cut 7 pieces to be 24″ long and then cut those pieces into thirds (this will leave one extra strip to create the ‘pony tail holder’).

Step 2: Take two stripes at one time and fold in half.

Step 3: Loop around headband and pull through. Repeat 9 times so you have 10 total sections. As mentioned above, this will leave you with one extra strip of tulle.

Step 4: Use remaining strip of tulle to tie ‘hair’ up.

Here’s some fun Trolls gear if you’re looking to add to your collection:


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