Easy DIY Appliqué Shirts

Last year I wanted to make a quick gift to bring along for a weekend away with my best friend and her twin daughters. I combined only the most important things, and made a shirt with appliqués of each of their cats reading a book. (Since pets are the best, and their mom and I share a love of reading. Obviously.)

reading cats

Skill level: This sewing project would be good for beginning sewers.
Time commitment estimate: It took me a few hours because I drew the template myself. If you use the one I made, or one that’s already created it shouldn’t take very long.

If you want to make this project yourself, check out this link for supplies I use for just about every project. Additional sewing supplies you’ll need are listed below:

1. T-shirt or Sweatshirt – I got these little white tees at Joann’s so I could use a coupon.
2. Felt – I love using Rainbow Classic Felt because they’re made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles (!), and I rarely need pieces bigger than the 9″ x 12″ they come as. You can buy them by the piece at your local craft store, or order a bigger pack online to have on hand for future projects.
DIY quiet baby book

3. Double sided fusible interfacing
 – I always use heat n bond brand, but I’m sure there are other brands available out there.
4. Template of some sort – You can make your own, or download the one I created here.
cat shirt
1First I drew the template in Illustrator, and printed out a few copies so I could cut out each piece of the template separately.
2. Then I followed the manufacturer’s instructions to adhere the double sided fusible interfacing to the pieces of felt that were roughly the sizes I needed.
3. Once the pieces of felt cooled, I traced each template piece onto the back of each felt piece and cut out.
4. Then I removed the paper backing and adhered the bottom layer of the design (in this case, the cat bodies) to the t-shirt.
5. Using matching thread, I sewed around the outside edge of the cat body.
5. Then I repeated steps 4 and 5 until all layers were sewn down to the shirt.

cat shirt

cat shirt

cat shirt

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