Macramé wall hanging

I’ve been wanting to make a macramé wall hanging for a couple of years now. I finally took the plunge a couple of weeks ago, and am so happy with the results.

What you’ll need:

  1. The pattern: I bought this one off Etsy and would definitely recommend it. It was easy to follow and thankfully mine turned out just as it was supposed to.
  2. 3/16″ rope: Unfortunately it’s hard to find rope online with a seller that has good reviews. This is the one I used. It’s way more than you’ll need, but will come in handy if you wanted to make more projects later on.
  3. Painter’s tape: This is to section off all your rope pieces once they’ve been cut
  4. Permanent marker: This is to title your sections of rope to keep things in order while you’re working
  5. Garment rack: This is to hang your project as you’re working on it. I bought this one for a garage sale a couple of years ago and it did the trick for this project
  6. Large paper rings: This is to hang your rod from the garment rack (see photos below). I used 4 of these.
  7. A rod: I bought a 1/2″ x 30″ steel pipe and a cap for each end from Home Depot (see photos below)
  8. Spray paint: I used this gold option to paint the rod and hooks
  9. Hooks to hang the finished product: I got 1″ wall hooks from Fred Meyer and then painted them gold (see photos below)

Here are the rod and cap ends I got from Home Depot:

I used steel wool to clean off the pipe before I spray painted it, although that step is probably optional.

This is the gold spray paint I used – Valspar Brilliant Metal

As you can see, I’m all about reusing paper shopping bags when possible.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: The gift that keeps on giving.

This is my rig for how I kept the pipe straight and in the air while I was working on the project.

Some ‘during’ photos:

And finally, the finished product!

Here’s what the hardware looks like after it was spray painted and in the wall:


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