My Thoughts on Pattern Making

I love the idea of pattern making – that you can use paper as the basis to create a garment that fits you perfectly. What I hate is the actual pattern making itself. Hate. It. I’m decent with numbers and have a high attention to detail, so I’m actually pretty good at pattern making. But for some reason it kills my soul a little bit every time I do it. Sort of like how I love and appreciate a well-organized Excel spreadsheet, but don’t like actually creating it. In school pattern making was fine because I was learning so much and it seemed like such an exciting skill to know, which of course it is, but then when I tried to use my knowledge to make and sell things after school I got burned out real fast.

This jacket is one of the many  that I made the pattern for, sewed up, and then sold on Etsy. Sewing things is the part I love, but when I’m the only one to create the pattern for the shell and lining, cut, sew, take photos and post to Esty and a blog…and actually need to profit from it to survive, there’s really no time or energy left for anything else. It was a great experience for a few months, and I am proud of the garments I made using the patterns I created. But for now I’m going to leave the pattern making to the professionals and keep on sewing what I want to for fun. For example the hoodies I made my cat and dog. Perhaps my next project should be to make a matching one for myself?


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