A baby Canadian tuxedo

A friend of mine was sort of obsessed with wearing denim on denim for a while. AKA, a Canadian tuxedo. I have no idea where the term originated, I just know it’s not derogatory. Because obviously, wearing denim-everything is awesome. Well, this friend is now having a baby girl, so I felt it was only appropriate to put together the tiniest Canadian Tuxedo you’ve ever seen.

I started off by making baby denim skirt. It’s the same skirt pattern I used here that was found in this blog post. I will seriously be using this pattern forever, so it was a major internet score. And I’m telling you, it’s one of the easiest things you’ll ever make.

Then I scoured the stores closest to where I work to find anything denim-related in the 0-3 month range to match the sizing of the skirt. I wanted a baby denim jacket, but struck out in that department. The smallest one I could find was a 9-12 month one at Zara. I ended up with this baby denim shirt from Gap, and these baby jeans from Nordstrom. Probably the cutest denim on denim you’ll ever see. Now, to be patient and count down the weeks to see my friend’s baby in these items.

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