A crocheted baby blanket

I  mentioned on Instagram a few weeks ago that I was starting a baby blanket for a friend. After many episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale and Party of Five (yeah that’s right, I went back to the 90’s for a bit), I’m finished!

The pattern is from Etsy and was really easy to follow. I had to google a few things to get going, but it was really easy to follow once I knew what I was doing. Since I am a serious crocheting beginner,  I’m honestly just impressed it looks like a blanket. The two things I need to figure out are how to get the first row to have the right tension, and how to do add the outside trim without it looking so wavy. But I already have yarn for blanket #2, so I’m excited to get practicing.

Jackson really wanted to be in all of these photos. Or maybe he was just judging me for taking photos of a folded up blanket? Regardless, he’s always the best of helpers.

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