DIY Chambray Shirt Jacket

I mentioned on Instagram last week that someone I follow was giving away these vintage patterns (in my size!) to anyone local in Minnesota who was willing to pick them up. I asked if she would ship them to Seattle if I paid shipping plus a little extra, and bada-bing, I am now the proud owner of roughly 100 vintage patterns in my size. Looking at them all literally brought tears to my eyes. One was sent in the mail to someone in NYC in 1957 and had the stamp right on the envelope! So cool.

I ultimately chose this pattern as the one to use first because I had enough fabric required without needing to go the store. Laziness won out, but I think the fabric and pattern combo turned out great! I already wore it to work (hence the wrinkles in the photos since I took photos after wearing it – see above about laziness), and think it’s one of my favorite things I’ve made for myself. I was worried about the collar looking too 70’s, but I’m happy to report that it really doesn’t look that big on body.

Here are some cute similar chambray styles out there in case you don’t have time to make this one for yourself:


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