Easy DIY Burp Cloths

These burp cloths could not be easier. I’ve made dozens of sets and always get told how much the parents like using them. They’re big, they’re absorbent and they’re colorful. What’s not to love?

burp cloths


Skill level: This sewing project would be good for beginning sewers.
Time commitment estimate: Probably a couple of hours for a set, depending on skill level.

To start: I would recommend cotton fabric for this project. Make sure all fabric is pre-washed before you cut it so you eliminate any shrinking that might happen after it’s sewn and then washed.

You could really make these any size you want, but I usually go with 12″x18″ so the whole shoulder is covered for extra protection.

1. Serger Sewing machine – I used a serger sewing machine (read about my thoughts on them here) in order to bind the edges. You can also use a zig zag stitch on a standard sewing machine, just make sure you capture the full edge when you’re sewing so the pieces don’t come apart from each other. See here for some suggestions on sewing machines for beginners.
2. Thread – The only thread I use is Gutermann. Other brands have the little lip that always gets caught when I’m sewing and it drives me crazy. This would be a good investment if you need various colors for future projects as well. Otherwise just get a spool that matches your fabric.
3. Scissors – Invest in a decent pair of scissors (not expensive, just decent) and then don’t let anyone else use them. I had a sewing instructor in school harp on that constantly – everyone puts pressure in different areas of the scissors and you don’t want your alignment to get messed up. Fiskars is my brand of choice, and this pair looks like a great place to start. Also, don’t use them for anything except fabric. They’ll get dull quicker and there is nothing worse than trying to cut fabric with dull scissors.
4. Cotton fabric – The sky’s the limit with what patterns you could use for the front side of these burp cloths. The best part about making them is picking out the fabric, so go big. 
5. Terry cloth 
– This is what towels are made of, so the back side will be super absorbent.

easy diy burp cloths

These burp cloths are very easy to make, which makes them a great gift. I was selling them for a while and my professional opinion is that you won’t make enough money to make it worth your time. Each one is 12″x18″ for the fabric and the terry cloth, so the materials alone aren’t cheap. Plus the time to make them of course. You just won’t be able to sell them for enough to make it worth it. Or maybe you will! Please prove me wrong and let me know.

When I was making them to sell, I made these three sets for the same person who needed some baby shower gifts. She specified the theme for each, and I went and picked out the fabric. I have a sewing machine that embroiders letters, so I personalized each one as well. That is definitely optional, and also added to the time commitment mentioned above.

easy diy burp cloths

easy diy burp cloths.JPG

easy diy burp cloths

I have content and care labels that I used on these (because I’m an overachiever), but you definitely don’t need to do that.

easy diy burp cloths

easy diy burp cloths


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