DIY Halloween Costume Roundup

Before I do my grand reveal of the 5th (!!) set of costumes I’ve made for my favorite muses, I thought it would be fun to do a little roundup of the 4 I’ve done up until this point.

Year 1 The tiniest Garden Gnomes:

My one regret with these tiny costumes is that I should have used a lighter weight fleece. My main concern was keeping those babies warm, but this thicker fleece made the costumes harder to sew than they needed to be. Plus since the costumes were too big on them (they were so tiny and I lived too far away to do a proper ‘fitting’), it stood out even further from their little bodies. I used McCall’s Pattern 6627 to get this bodysuit shape, and I made up the bib beard, belt and hat as I went.

Year 2 Baby Superheros:

This may have been my favorite year. I think because I started out with so little idea of what I wanted the end result to be that I was pleasantly surprised with how it all came together. I really enjoyed making the E and Q appliqués . I drew them in Illustrator first and then cut them out of fabric to sew them to their shirts and capes. I got the patterns for the skirts and capes from Simplicty pattern 1302.

Year 3 Anna & Elsa:

These ones were fun to make because they were the tiniest fancy things I’ve ever made. At least that I can remember making. Snowflakes, flowers and capes, oh my. I used a mish-mash of patterns to make these costumes come together. I got the capes from McCall’s Pattern M6420, the flower appliqué from McCall’s pattern MP381, and the dresses from  Butterick see&sew pattern B6038. Gotta’ love Joann’s pattern sales, am I right?

Year 4 Snoopy & Woodstock:

I actually used a vintage pattern ( Simplicity 5739) to make these. My husband’s aunt gave me a major pattern stash when she moved several years ago and I’m so glad I hung onto all of them! I had to change them up a bit to make one look like a dog and one look like a bird, but as always, it was a very fun challenge.


Stay tuned for the reveal of year 5 later this week!

Happy Halloween!



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