DIY skirt roundup

Looking through my closet the other day I was reminded about how many skirts, most of which are skirts with pockets, I’ve made myself over the years. It’s actually sort of crazy. I have a record of 9 from this blog, that I’ll go over in more detail below, but one that sticks out in my mind is a skirt I made my senior year of college. I had no money and a wedding to go to, so I used a Joann’s coupon to buy some very inexpensive fabric and made a skirt the night before the wedding. My mother-in-law still brings that up because seriously, who does that? Unfortunately I don’t have the skirt any more, or even any decent photos of the skirt (this was well before the days of taking photos with a cell phone), but it will always be a fun memory.

1.  A floral skirt with pockets. What more could you need? This first skirt is the most recent addition to my collection. I fell in love with the floral pattern  on the fabric and knew I had to buy it. It will for sure be getting some wear this spring and summer.
Pattern used: Simplicity 2698
Original post: White floral skirt with pockets

2. This second skirt is a legit staple in my closet right now. I either wear it with a t-shirt and a bomber jacket, or an oversized ivory sweater. So 90’s and so versatile.
Vintage pattern used: New Look 6374
Original post: DIY Floral Skirt

3. I made #3 years ago and still wear it a few times a year.
Pattern used: McCall’s 5811
Original post: Summery Floral Skirt

4. I love this skirt. I found the vintage fabric at Goodwill and am still obsessed with. You’ll see in my post about it that I ended up shortening it a couple of years after I made it and found that it’s even more wearable now.
Pattern used: Simplicity 2698
Original post: My Favorite Striped Skirt

5. This is vintage fabric I got at a random fabric sale in Moscow Idaho. It was $1 a yard and my biggest regret in life is that I didn’t buy more fabric that day.
Vintage pattern used: Simplicity 6037
Original post: Plaid Skirt With Pockets

6. This one was very easy to make. No pockets and no lining. Since it’s cut on the bias (to make the squares look like diamonds), it’s pretty clingy. But otherwise a simple and classic style. I found the vintage fabric at Goodwill as well.
Vintage pattern used: McCall’s 2029
Original post: Quick and Easy DIY Skirt

7. This is another vintage fabric I snagged at the $1/yard sale in Moscow, ID. Years later and I am still in love with the color.
Pattern used: Simplicity 2698
Original post: Easy Skirt With Pockets

8. This skirt is also from a few years ago. I needed a basic black skirt in my life, so I just made one.
Pattern used: Simplicity 2698
Original post: Vintage Sewing Pattern and Vintage Fabric to Make a New Shirt

9. This last skirt I actually made the pattern for myself. I was practicing grading patterns, so I took this skirt from an XS up to an XL and sold them on Etsy.
Pattern used: Self-made
Original post: Electric Blue Coat

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