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My husband and I were able to have a 200 person wedding for 1/3 of the price of what the average Seattle wedding is said to cost. It wasn’t necessarily easy, but I love crafting, creating Excel spreadsheets, and anything DIY so it was a challenge I was excited to take on.

To start with, you can see information about our wedding invitations that my brother created here, the DIY envelopes I made here (complete with a tutorial and downloadable PDF), and our DIY dessert options here.

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To start with, I saved a ton of inspirational images and blog posts. Our wedding took place before Pinterest was really a thing people used (hard to imagine, I know), so it meant a lot of screen shots and URL copy and pasting. I knew in addition to being on a serious budget I wanted a colorful vintage vibe. We got married in a building (Mt. Baker Community Club) that was built in 1909, which really helped solidify our vintage theme.

1.Mason Jars (aka, vases)
My mom actually had a ton of these from her canning days, so we were able to borrow all of them from her. If I had needed to buy them I would have hit up Goodwill, or Joann’s when I could use a bunch of coupons.


2. Candles
A friend of mine got married a few months before us and sold us these giant votives and holders for $20. I ended up selling them on Craigslist after our wedding for the same price. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.



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3. Vintage Books
The Seattle Public Library used to have an amazing book sale by us. They sold hardback books for 50 cents, so I got as many old cool looking books as possible and took the covers off. I had a stack of three on each table, plus the party favor for everyone was their own book with a bookmark in it thanking them for coming. The book marks and paper bands around each party favor book was made using the same paper I made the wedding invitation envelopes out of. The children who came to the wedding got a coloring book and crayons instead of a vintage book.










4. Table numbers and name cards
These were fun to make because I love paper crafts. It took forever, but I swear to you there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than watching a chick flick and cutting paper. But I totally get that it’s not for everyone. I used this Fiskars lace edge corner punch for the table numbers, name cards and book marks to have everything look cohesive.







5. Napkins
I actually made the napkins myself. It was to save some money on renting them, but I also wanted to add more color to the tables. I bought a bunch of different fabric and cut them into napkin-sized squares and serged the edges. The idea is that someday I’ll make a quilt out of all  of the fabric I used.




It was a lot of work, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Any professional-looking photos, so the good ones, in this post are courtesy of our wedding photographer Char Beck.

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