Grocery store flower bouquet

I love having fresh-cut flowers in the house. I honestly don’t buy them very often because of the added expense, so I was very excited when we had friends over for dinner the other night who were thoughtful enough to bring a bouquet of flowers with them. I dropped them into a vase of water right away, and then spent just a few minutes sprucing them up later.

Here’s what they looked like right out of the cellophane wrapper:

I started by taking all the flowers out and grouped together any stems that were the same:

I chose the biggest single flower to start with, which was this yellow one. I cut it so that it would be the tallest stem, ending just a few inches above the edge of the vase.

Then I started trimming and placing stems around the yellow flower until I liked the way they all looked together. Since I knew this particular bouquet would only been seen from the front and the sides, (meaning it would be placed against a wall), I kept the green leaves and mini-yellow stems as the background.

That’s it! I spent less than five minutes and now I have a healthier, fuller-looking bouquet.

This is what the back looks like:

This Kate Spade vase, by the way, is one of the my absolute favorite wedding gifts we received when we got married 6 years ago. Our registry was extremely practical, and this was the one item that seemed almost too extravagant to add to it. But I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. I love every time I bring it out and put it to use.

I am happy, and a bit surprised, to say that 6 years later Macy’s still has it for sale. (I actually might need to get this 7″ one to add to my collection.)


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