Hooded Duffel Coat

Years ago I was commissioned to make a grey hooded wool duffel coat. I had just moved back  to the PNW from NYC, was penniless, and was trying to make the whole blogging/designing/creating thing work. Hint: it didn’t. There is no money in trying to do it all. At least in this context. It was fun but very, very exhausting.

This is the finished product!

Since I created the coat pattern myself, I needed to make a prototype first to make sure all the pieces lined up. Usually people use muslin and then throw it away, but I figured I may as well make a full on mock-up (that my bff still wears!) to make sure I had all the components figured out. I used fabric I already had (which, full disclosure, was a stretch cotton that was really hard to sew), and just had to buy the zipper, toggles and lining.

Once I was satisfied, I graded the duffel coat pattern up (the person I was making it for is taller/bigger than I am) and created the actual garment. Looking at it now, of course there are things I would change (That’s the beauty and the curse of looking at something you created 7 years ago, eh?), but overall I still have a sense of satisfaction when I see these photos. This right here represents many hours of hard work and a period in time of general sleepless nights and no social life.

Ahem, excuse me while I chest bump my younger self.

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