How to sew a French seam

I mentioned that the harem pants I made a couple of weeks ago called for a French seam, so I thought I’d include some photos with the explanation of how to sew them. Before joining the Apparel Design program I eventually graduated from years ago, I had no idea what a French seam was. But now I like to use French seams to make a garment look super polished. They’re also great to use if you don’t have a serger and want to make sure the inside of your garment looks as finished as the outside. They take a little extra time, but it’s always worth it.

Step 1: Place fabric wrong sides together.

Step 2: Make a 1/4″ seam (or if you’re using a pattern that calls for 5/8″, you’d make a 3/8″ seam).

Step 3: Trim to 1/8″

Step 4: Turn fabric to have right sides together and press seam flat.

Step 5: Sew a 1/4″ seam.

Step 6: Turn right-side-out and press. That’s it – you’re done!

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