Pottery Apron

My father-in-law has become a potter in his blissful retirement years, so a while ago we worked together to create the perfect pottery apron. I made it to fit his dimensions, and created the first one based on the details he thought it would need.

We started with:

  1. A heavy weight twill fabric to withstand lots of washings and clay being wiped on it regularly.
  2. Pen slots and a pocket at the chest with a velcro closure for his cell phone.

3. A d-ring tab for the rag he continuously uses to wipe his hands off, with a pocket below for the rag to get stuffed into on the right side of the apron since he’s right-handed.

4. Pockets in the lower front for his tools and such.

I don’t love pattern making, but this was one situation where it was a must. I started with an apron we had in the kitchen (this was before I had the store-bought apron patterns I used to make this apron and this apron), and created a pattern to fit the measurements I needed. Then I made the pocket placements and measurements based on what we had talked about him needing.

My father-in-law used the apron and came back to me with updates for round 2. The main callout was that the cell phone pocket at the chest needed to have a better closure. His cell phone had almost fallen out of the velcro closure once and we definitely didn’t want it happening when he was leaning over a kiln. The easy update to this was to make a button closure instead of a velcro closure. Another callout was to make the pen slots bigger to fit tools that were wider than a pen. My solution to that was to add a pleat to two of the pen slots. The other update I made was to have the neck strap close with an adjustable d-ring instead of just a tie (this was for no reason other than to make it look better).

He’s still going strong with version 2, but I’m sure there will eventually be a round 3 in our future.

If you’re in the market for a potters apron, this one looks pretty legit for being so inexpensive, and this is a higher end one that looks durable and well-made.


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