Quick and easy DIY skirt

I got a pretty amazing stash of fabric at Goodwill a few years ago and finally used this blue check fabric to make a skirt using a pattern I had from 1999 (which means that pattern is only 3 years off from being “vintage”).

blue skirt

It’s funny to me that the main advertisement on this pattern (McCall’s 2029) says that it’s a 2 hour skirt, but then it has the tiny print disclosure that says that’s “sewing machine time only”. So you really have to add an hour or so for cutting and ironing. It was still easy to make and follow the pattern, I just think it would have been as appealing for people if they called it the 3 hour skirt, yes?

blue skirt

Because I chose a check fabric, I had to be conscious of the side seams to make sure the pattern lined up. This means the consumption of fabric was higher, but since the pattern only calls for 1 1/2 yards it really wasn’t that much fabric in the end. I also chose to cut the fabric on bias instead of on grain to give it the diagonal look, rather than straight on squares.

blue skirt

Little Andie was only about a year old when I made this skirt. She still has a puppy face now at age 3, but she looks so tiny in this photo!

blue skirt

blue skirt

That stash of fabric Frankie’s lounging on, plus the blue check fabric in the bottom right corner that I used for this skirt, are all fabric pieces (mostly wool!) I scored from Goodwill that I mentioned above. Check out the jacket I made using the orange wool fabric here.

Orange Jacket with polka dot lining

 ModCloth is my absolute favorite place to shop for vintage-like clothing items that look expensive but are completely affordable. Below are some options for Skirts that are similar to the one I made above!

  1. Twirly to rise skirt // 2. At the racquet of dawn skirt // 3. Glam on! skirt // 4. Sass what I’m talking about skirt

5. Bugle Joy Skirt // 6. Jitterbug Reiteration Skirt // 7.  Perfectly Unpredictable Skirt // 8. Swap Meet Sweetheart Skirt

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