Seattle Space Needle Embroidery

I received this adorable embroidery kit as a gift last year and am just now making it happen.

I’m pretty sure my friend told me she bought it at Pacific Fabrics, but I don’t see any on their website, so it’s possible I’m making that up. It looks like the Space Needle kit┬áthat’s currently available on the artist’s website comes in a circular hoop now instead of the oval one I have. Regardless, I would 100% recommend doing this kit, or one like it. I’ve done a lot of cross-stitch and embroidery in the past, but this was a very easy, stress-free and enjoyable experience. It would even be good if you’ve never sewn anything before. Megan, the creator, has a ton of stitch tutorials and videos to follow along with. I have my eye on this Mt. Rainier kit and this New York City kit for the future.

This was after I was finished (!) and had cut the 3/4″ around the frame as instructed.

Then I used hot glue to adhere it to the inside of the frame.

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