Toddler button dress

The dress from last week was actually for a set of toddler twins. I cut both of the dresses out at the same time from different patterns without really paying attention to the specifics until I went to sew them. It turns out the pattern for this dress is about 5″ shorter than the one from last week. That’s a big difference when you’re giving two dresses to a set of twins.

I used Butterick sewing pattern 3772 to make this dress. It was really easy to follow. Like the dress from last week, the hardest part is getting the curves at the shoulders clipped right so when you turn them right-side-out they look okay.

It actually looked like more of a shirt to begin with. (Frankie would really rather I hold her than take photos.)

I wanted the lengths of both dresses to be the same since the twins are the same height, so I added a 5″ panel in the middle of this dress. It’s not perfect. In any way. But it’s going to be put on an exhuberant 3 year old, so I’m really not too worried about it.

I used my serger to finish all the interior seams. It adds a professional touch that I like. Another option would be to use a zig-zag stitch on a regular sewing machine.

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