White floral skirt with pockets

I found this fabric at Joann’s and knew I had to buy it even though I had no idea what I’d make with it. It’s actually the case for about 1/3 of my fabric. Which just means that I always have something on hand, even if the desire to make something hits at 8pm on a Friday. Which was in fact the case with this skirt.

I love this skirt pattern (Simplicity 2698). I’ve used it 4 times that I can think of. Three of which can be seen herehere and here. I had never done the overlapping waistband before but felt like it would go well with this floral motif. Keep it fancy all around, you know?

The best part about this skirt pattern isn’t that you can mix and match the waistbands and skirt options, but that all of the options have pockets. Ah, the magic of a skirt with pockets.

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